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08-15-2019, 10:27 AM
Please read this before posting any thread/post and or before buying the Product/applying for the hack.

these Terms apply as of 27th March 2018

Terms Of Service :

Use the hack at your own risk, SinfulEXP not responsible for any kind of game bans giving due to using our hacks.
Before post your problem, please use the search area, or use the live chat section in the guid panel and you may get help from other users or mods/admins if they are online.
Thread bumping is each 24h.
No Spamming.
No Flamming.
No advertisements.
No begging ( including trials ).
No Chargeback allowed.
Selling game accounts should contain clear screenshots of the account ( use Imgur ) and contact information.
No off-sites links.
No pornography / abusive / violent / rasict / illegal content in both Avatar and Signature.
Avatar size is 150 x 150.
Signature size is 620 x 160.
Trading / selling SinfulEXP forum account is forbidden (Both users will be permanently banned).
All our subscriptions are non-refundable.
GUID Resets will not be entertained at all so be wise in when you set yours
Each SinfulEXP member should have one account.
Subscription switching from Non-Invite to Invite only hacks is not permitted
All the hacks that we support are tried tested only in windows 1909 OS Built 18363.1440 Version of windows so we suggest you install the same version. we have not tried the hack on any other windows version and neither do we plan to test it on any other.
Usually we update all our products within 24 hours of in-game update IF at all it takes longer than 24 hours then lost time is added to your subscription.

We reserve the right to change any rules and terms of usage without informing the users, it is your responsibility to check the terms from time to time.

Infraction System :

**Note:- By buying any of our product you automatically agree to our TOS**

If by any chance we caught you breaking the rules, Infraction will be applied, once a member reaches 20 points he will be banned permanently from our website.
Different penalties applied depending on the rule broken by the user, the following point table assigned to the rules above :

Bumping = 1 point
No search = 1 point
Off-links = 1 point
Begging = 2 points
Spam = 4 points
Advertises / Selling & Trading = 5 points
Flamming = 5 points
Multipe accounts = 6 points
Pornography/Violent..etc = 10 points
Staff disrespect = 20 points

Moderators can also create new infractions without any notice, the new infractions come between 0 - 5 points.