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    Post How to Apply for Invite Only ( New Users )

    If you are new to the forums and wish to apply for Invite Only Hacks Please follow this Tutorial

    1 ) You MUST register on the forums.

    2 ) Turn OFF your Anti Virus ( Including windows Defender )

    3 ) You need to download the GUID Tool and set your GUID ( Guid tool can be found at Loader Panel )

    https://guid.sinfulexp.net/panel/verification.php Direct download Link https://www.sinfulexp.net/download/SinfulGUID.rar

    4 ) after the GUID is set you can go ahead and apply here https://guid.sinfulexp.net/panel/verification.php

    5 ) If you get an error saying "You cannot apply" Please send me a message on my Discord ID Morfic#9692
    Server Link https://discord.gg/n79sjFR

    6 ) Once you have applied you need to wait till I review your application.


    1 ) Why do I need to submit an identity proof
    A ) it is our method of verifying that you are not a spy from any Anti Cheat, surely you can Blur out sensitive data from the identity documents but keep the photo & name visible.

    2 ) Guid Tool/loader is blocked by my Anti Virus is it safe?
    A ) it is completely safe & false alarm by your AV's suggest you turn off windows defender as well as any other AV's

    3 ) How long does it take to update a Hack after the concern game updates?
    A ) Usually, it is updated the same day but if it is not updated on the same day then there is no ETA.

    4 ) Downtime policy?
    A ) All the time taken to update the hack will be added back to your subscription.
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    @Morfic what are the cheats in Invite Only Hacks are the same or added some new game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ITAVB View Post
    @Morfic what are the cheats in Invite Only Hacks are the same or added some new game?
    Realm Royale
    APex Legends
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