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    Post How to Apply for Invite Only ( New Users )

    Update as of Oct 2020:- we do not allow coders into our userbase. meaning if you have coding or reverse-engineering apps or even browsing history do not apply for our invite-only products. You need to get rid of all the coding related apps before setting the GUID

    If you are new to the forums and wish to apply for Invite Only Hacks Please follow this Tutorial

    1 ) You MUST register on the forums.

    2 ) Turn OFF your Anti Virus ( Including windows Defender )

    3 ) You need to download the GUID Tool and set your GUID ( Guid tool can be found at Loader Panel )

    https://guid.sinfulexp.net/panel/verification.php Direct download Link https://www.sinfulexp.net/download/SinfulGUID.rar

    4 ) after the GUID is set you can go ahead and apply here https://guid.sinfulexp.net/panel/verification.php

    5 ) Once you have applied you need to wait till I review your application.


    1 ) Why do I need to submit an identity proof
    A ) it is our method of verifying that you are not a spy from any Anti Cheat, surely you can Blur out sensitive data from the identity documents but keep the photo & name visible.

    2 ) Guid Tool/loader is blocked by my Anti Virus is it safe?
    A ) it is completely safe & false alarm by your AV's suggest you turn off windows defender as well as any other AV's

    3 ) How long does it take to update a Hack after the concern game updates?
    A ) Usually, it is updated the same day but if it is not updated on the same day then there is no ETA.

    4 ) Downtime policy?
    A ) All the time taken to update the hack will be added back to your subscription.
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    @Morfic what are the cheats in Invite Only Hacks are the same or added some new game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ITAVB View Post
    @Morfic what are the cheats in Invite Only Hacks are the same or added some new game?
    Realm Royale
    APex Legends
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